jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

Mas encinas

Por fin conseguí pintar al aire libre estas encinas. Había muchas mujeres con sus perros paseándolos, pero afortunadamente, ninguno me mordió. Ni ellas tampoco. Los colores que se ven en la pintura, ocres y verdes fueron los que vi

At last I painted plein air these ilex. There were many women walking with theirs dogs but none tried, of biting me, luckily, nor they either. Those colors ochre and green in the painting were those I saw.

8 comentarios:

  1. Julian, Beautiful impressionism! Great job on the colors. This is great time to paint plein aire but watch out for those dogs..

  2. Bonito paisaje. Muy luminoso y trazo seguro.

  3. Lo que se ve es lo que se plasma y el resultado salta a la vista, un trabajo precioso.
    Saludos Julián

  4. I left you a comment yesterday. Did you erase it. I am too old to remember what I said. I think it said something like you are good looking, have a nice personality, good sense of humor MPDR ... and something about I like your painting, and where are the purple flowers?

  5. Julián,
    En serio, ¿¿cómo haces para pintar tan bien y ser tan gracioso?? Me has hecho soltar una carcajada! Pobres señoras, si supieran! jaja
    Un gran abrazo,

  6. Thanks Lori, I'll have care, mainly to paint better, He,He.
    Kathy, it's true I erased your comment, because you forgot to tell me that I was a YOUNGSTER painter from Spain. MPDR. I'll never remove a comment though be favourable. MPDR. My flowers are not blooming yet, but I found a purple and I'll try to paint or not.

  7. Gracias Maite, espero que tengas mucho éxito en tus exposiciones.
    Gracias Dav eres muy amable con tus comentarios. Te los agradezco por venir de alguien que dibuja tan bien.
    Carolina, vas a ponerme colorado. Me encantan que me digan esas cosas,ja,ja...Muchos saludos a todos

  8. your tree paintings are very beautiful and I'm very glad none of the ladies tried to bite you - I'm enjoying these paintings and your statements.