jueves, 8 de abril de 2010


Era el momento de pintar un bodegon. Elegí tres ciruelas con diferentes colores, una era roja y carmín y las otras violetas con matices azules. Espero que se perciban.

It was just time of painting a still life. I chose three plums with different colors, one of them was red and carmine and violet with bluish hues the other ones. I hope can be watched.

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  1. Estas ciruelas sí que lucen. Me gusta sobre todo la morada, buena la azul, y algo menos interesante es la roja. Además, con cuatro trazos insinuas el mantel. Eso es arte. Deliciosas.
    Un saludo.

  2. Now I am so hungry. I love plums and these look so real. I love how you pulled the colors into the blues of the background cloth. Are these plums in season now in your country? If so, send some over... btw how would you do this in watercolor? lol

  3. Manel, estoy de acuerdo contigo, la roja no fué completamente de mi agrado, las demás son opinables, pero eres muy generoso.
    Nos miramos.

  4. Hi Kathy, yes there are a lot of plums but the problem is I'll have to eat all of them, If you are hungry don't worry about, I'll send them to you some plums but on watercolor. Take care with the paper, is a bit undigestible, probably my watercolors not won't be good enough,He,he. Or Lol, as you like,He, He, again.

  5. Thanks Julian...I can sure use one of plums right now. I am soooo hungry. I am a starving artist. hehehe

  6. Great colors on these plums, very accurate. I like the red one how he just stands out. I love plums but they take so long to get ripe, I always try to eat them before they are ready...

  7. Hola Julián,
    Sí que se nota la diferencia en los colores. Te han salido muy bien, esa capita 'serosa' que tienen, les da un realismo muy convincente.
    Un abrazo,

  8. Hi, Lori, plums are just now fully ripe in Spain, but I think are needing more practise in my painting. It is not completely ripe though I'm happy that you like this painting and I'm amazed at you can understand my English, a lot of people have died trying it. Thanks Lori.

  9. Gracias Carolina, me encanta pintarlas por los matices que tienen. Espero ver pronto tus lápices en acción.
    Muchos saludos